This Isn’t a Review: Gunpoint

What Is It?

Gunpoint is a fairly simple; yet devilishly addictive *Stealth Puzzle Game* by Indie Developer Tom Francis (amongst others).

You play as Conway; a freelance spy who suddenly finds himself mixed up in giant conspiracy that threatens to rob him of his freedom. In order to save himself, he begins tak

ing on super secret spy missions for various shady characters. With his trusty Crosslink Device you can rewire camera’s, open locked doors and create complex traps to aid your progress through each job.

The game has a very forgiving save mechanic. If you die; don’t worry about it. The game is constantly saving every *2, 6 and 12 seconds; so if you do happen to get caught, you can simple jump back to the time immediately before you do something stupid.

Finally, don’t let the name put you off. Whilst you can’t get through the game without firing a gun (at least not in my experience), you can get pretty darn close. I believe i fired maybe 5 rounds in the entire campaign.

Why Should I Play it?

I picked the game on up release day a few weeks ago, and i’d blasted my way through the main ‘campaign’ in 2 sittings. Granted its not the longest game in the world; but the 4-5 hours i spent with it have arguably been the best 4-5 hours i’ve spent with a game all year long.

Despite a fairly small development team, they’ve crafted a beautiful game. It looks fantastic; and the sound design is equally as…enjoyable. Throwing my character around the screen just to hear the little ‘whoosh’ noise he makes when flying through the air; or breaking through a glass pane window became something i took pleasure in.

And to top it off, Gunpoint has a fantastic sense of humour that put a smile on my face at least.

Where Can I Get It?

Gunpoint is available on STEAM for a mere £6.29 at the time of writing (a free demo is available from the same link). Conversely; if you’ve rather give your money directly to the people that made the game then head over HERE where the game is available for a little under £6.

*I don’t have the actual times in my head right now, but its along those sort of lines.


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