My Month in Games: July

Surgeon Simulator 2013

Fun, for the first 10 minutes.

I picked this game up for a few pounds during the recent Steam Summer Sale. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was buying into; just that Reddit seemed to be obsessed with it.

30 minutes later, and I kind of wish I could get my money back. Its not that its a bad game; far from it. Its presented well and its got a very charming way to it. However, aside from the opening 10-15 minutes where you’re pissing around trying to pick things up, the game just isn’t fun; its down right frustrating.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend it at full price. Its an enjoyable joke; but that’s all it is. And it doesn’t take too long before that joke wears very thin. I don’t want to rob the dev’s of valuable income; but maybe check out a quick-look or 2 before playing this game. You’ll probably get all you want out of the game after watching other people play it.

Rogue Legacy

 Fun, provided you don’t mind dying, over and over and over again.


This game seemed to have appeared out of nowhere 3-4 weeks ago; and with its colourful aesthetic and quick, addictive play; its not hard to see why.

I’ve thrown 7 hours into the game up-to this point; and like FTL below, I can only see that time increasing. Sure, I could burn out eventually; but when played in short chunks of 15-20 minutes, this is a great little game.


Fun, provi see above.

I’ve had FTL installed since its release around a year ago, and whilst I’ve put upwards of 10 hours into it, I never felt that I truly enjoyed my time with it. Maybe it’s because I sucked at it; and the after ‘save scumming’ my way to the end boss (whereby I was promptly destroyed) I totally lost interest in the game…

Until this last week that is. I found myself booting the game up again, grabbing my headphones and throwing myself deep into the game once more (check out the OST). And you know what, much like Rogue Legacy, its really damn fun in. In small segments.

I had my best game just this morning. Me and my lovable gang of rogues get all the way to the final stage; and whilst I once again got my ass handed to me, I’m eager to hop back aboard my ship and see where the game takes me.

**I really should focus more on unlocking ships. I’ve only got 3 to this point; and the end-game gets real tough with the stock ship.

XCOM:Enemy Unknown

 Fun, if you want challenging turn based strategy game with Aliens and  flying saucers.


I’ve recently decided to begin a sort of XCOM: Story on a Facebook Gaming Group I visit. The plan is to feature members of said Club as squad members in the game. As well as that, I’ll be allowing members of the Club to vote on various decisions that I, as head of XCOM will have to make throughout the game’s campaign.

It’s all a bit complicated; and I’m certain I’ll lose interest at some point; but for now its given me a reason to get back into a game that has for too long been sat in my Steam Library, waiting for my return.

Team Fortress 2

 Fun, if you like on-line FPS’s without the hate.

#Gamingconfession coming up here. Before this last week; I’d never played any TF2. Competitive FPS’s are always a bit hit and miss for me (mainly miss). I’m not the worst player in the world, but I struggle with the idea that I’m ruining the fun for everyone else; also I don’t like being told I’m bad at things by mouthy 12 year old’s.

TF2 seem’s to be a different breed of FPS though. No one seems to take themselves too seriously, and for the most part I’ve not encountered anyone who’s ruining my fun on purpose. I find the match types to be quiet welcoming to a new player as well; no more straight death match games. Even if I’ve not got the best K/D ratio; I can still contribute.

That being said, I’ve not played the game in 6 days. I guess I’m just not really the on-line-gamer type. I find myself getting bored quickly (I’ll maybe last 60 minutes before I want to play a different game. I’m sure that’s my hangup though, rather than the games.


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