My Month in Games: August

Gone Home


You should probably play this.

I’ve got to be a little careful about what i say about Gone Home, after all the game’s success hinges on its story, and how engrossed you become in it. I will say that it’s a fairly simple game, at least in terms of mechanics; you spend the vast majority of your time wandering around the house picking up items, reading letters and trying to work out whats going on.

If you enjoy good storytelling in games, and don’t mind Gone Home’s fairly simplistic mechanics, you should certainly take a look at this. Its a fairly short game, i completed my story inside 3 hours, which is obviously not very long. Well yes, its a bit short; and whilst i think the current price of  £12.39 might be a little steep for some, i came away from Gone Home very impressed indeed.

Battlefield 3



I picked this up courtesy of the recent ‘Humble Origin Bundle’, and decided to give the campaign a second look (yes, i’ve already completed it). In all honesty, i don’t think its nearly as bad as some people would have you believe. Its not great, but it did what i wanted it to do (allowed me to shoot things whilst looking brown, muddy and a little depressing); the game looks incredible on my PC ; and it sounds pretty nice too, even on my HTC branded phone earphones.

As for Multiplayer, well i’ve always wanted to try it, but i hear that (unlike its Activision cousin), Online is better played in a group of friends. I don’t know anyone in ‘real life’ who games on their PC. So thats out. I also didn’t need that feeling of ruining everyone else’s fun.

So Thanks for those 5 hours of fun BF3. I’ll never play you again.

Killzone Mercenary Beta


Don’t look now, but the Vita is coming. 

Finally, the PS Vita could have a First Person Shooter to shout about; based off the Multiplayer Beta Demo at least.

In all honestly, i wasn’t expecting a great deal when i loaded this game up. I figured it’d play in a similar fashion to both CODBLOPS: Declassified and Resistance: Burning Skies. Boy was i wrong. It’s not the fastest shooter in the world, and your character feels a little heavy at times, but i really enjoyed myself. The touchscreen aspects worked well, and i never felt as though the smaller thumb sticks were working against me, not something i could say about COD: Declassified.

The game looks incredible, IN-CRED-IBLE. It pushes the Vita in all the right places, and doesn’t appear to suffer from any frame rate issues, which i was very worried about after viewing some of the marketing material. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that i’m pretty good at the multiplayer (at least i am during the Beta).

This game is out in less than 2 days. And depending on my wages, i might be making this my first Vita purchase since Little Big Planet almost a year ago.



Because Mexican themed Platformers are few and far between

I’d been nervously waiting for its release on PSVita for almost a year by the time i finally picked it up, and whilst i enjoyed my time with it, it was a somewhat frustrating experience on many levels.

The game looks and sounds fantastic, and the platforming for the most part is fun, if a little challenging at times. Its the combat that ruined the game, for me at least. I came very close to putting my controller down at times, and there came a point that i almost quit the game entirely during one particular fight, I wish i could say this was a lone episode, but its not. That being said, all of the boss characters use a fairly simple system, if you can learn what they’re going to do next, you’ll eventually get the better of them. It just requires a little bit of luck, and a significant amount of patience.

If you can find a way to look past the combat problems, there’s a pretty enjoyable game to be had here. Its far from perfect, and whilst it didn’t reach the highs that i expected it would, i’m still glad i finally got a chance to play it.

*Shout-out to Sony for the masterful way that i could switch from playing on the PS3 to the Vita. It was perfect, and literally took about 3 seconds. More of that in future please Sony.



Hey, if you’ve got a few hours to kill, you could do a lot worse.

I picked this up for a little under £3 a few weeks back, and pound-for-pound it might be one of the best games i’ve played in a while. That being said, i’ve not got much else to add. Its fun,  thats for sure, its just a little forgetful.

So yeah, i played Vanquish.


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