My Month in Games: August ’15

On a personal level, August was a pretty great month for video games. And whilst I wouldn’t qualify any of the games as massive time-sinks, they’re all interesting in their own right, and one or two might even find their way into my end of the year awards.

So here’s my Month in Games.


Trine 3: Artefacts of Power – PC

Trine 3 is a uniquely beautiful game. Much like its predecessors the developers set up a world full of colour and magic; a setting I wish we’d see more of.

Unfortunately that’s where it goes wrong. Trine 3 is not a long game, I managed to go from 0 to finished in roughly 4 hours, and even that was with a gating system that saw me re-play levels (note to game devs – don’t do this, it’s not fun). Let me explain in order to unlock new levels, you needed to earn ‘Triangles’. You’d earn Triangles by collecting them whilst traversing levels. However when you’ve got only 4-5 levels to unlock said triangles, you end up making your player go back into previous worlds in order to collect more of the pesky little things.

It only serves to add padding to an already short game. Fair or not, Trine 3 is a massive disappointment after the breakout hit that was Trine 2. I hope this isn’t the last we see of the Trine franchise. Back to basics, scrap the 3D aspects and focus on what made the Trine series so dear to so many people.


Rocket League – PS4

Not unlike the rest of the internet, I’m still playing Rocket League. Even 2 months on from its initial release, the Car-meets-Soccer mash-up is still a joy to play; and whilst I did take 2 weeks off from the game, I’m back playing it in a big way.

I’ve put upwards of 35 hours into the game as of writing, and I can’t say I haven’t found myself hitting a skill wall (I can’t perform Arial’s at all), there’s still plenty of reasons for me to keep playing, not least one of those sweet Platinum Trophies.


Endless Legend – PC

Steam recently had a Civilisation: Beyond Earth  free-weekend, so being the cheap-bastard that I am, I downloaded it. After 2-3 hours of fairly boring ‘CIV 5 in Space’ I decided to go back to a game I’d tried and failed to fall in love with before. Up step Endless Legend.

The two times I’ve tried to get into Endless, I’ve got maybe an hour in before placing my head in my hands, letting out a small moan and given up. The game, well it’s complex, to say the least. Not Crusader Kings complex, but it makes CIV 5 look like something you’d give to a child to pass the time.

Unfortunately for Endless Legend, I fear it demands more time than I have available to give to it. I’ll keep it around, maybe I’ll break a leg at some point..


Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

I wanted to love Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, but the game wouldn’t allow it. Away from its lush visuals, its perfect representation of English village life and its sublime voice acting; the story just wasn’t there. And that’s a real shame because I think you’re likely to find a better looking game this year.

I found the lack of character models made following the storyline a bit of a chore. They’re aren’t many characters, but it turns out I find it hard to keep track if they’re all floating orange orbs with differing English accents. It’s probably more my fault than the games, but it still impacted my enjoyment of it.


Tomb Raider GO

Hitman GO was one of my favourite games of 2014, and Lara Croft GO will likely be one of my favourite games from 2015. What do you know, Square Enix are now in control of one of my favourite franchises; and it’s a mobile game. Who saw that coming?

Lara Croft Go builds on what made Hitman Go so great. It’s an isometric puzzle game set in the Tomb Raiding world of Lara Croft, and like before, you’ll be guiding your character from one side of the ‘board’ to the other, dodging Snakes, Spiders and Spikes rather than European mob-bosses and grizzly looking henchmen; because Tomb Raiding.

So, Lara Croft Go oozes style from every orifice. Its without a doubt my favourite looking iOS game, and it takes the already delightful style of Hitman GO and pours lush colours and dark blacks over it. It truly looks fantastic.

So if you’ve got an iPad, you should go play it.


What have you played in August? Drop me a line in the comments, or over on twitter (Top-Right hand corner of the blog). Thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “My Month in Games: August ’15

    1. My problem is that I’ve hit a point in 3v3 whereby because I can’t do an aerial to save my life, I’m a detriment to my team. It’s just not fun on that mode anymore.


  1. I know you didn’t specifically write about it, but you mentioned Sid Meier’s Beyond Earth wasn’t that good? I’m a fan of playing the historical leaders, which is why I held off on buying it – but you’re saying it’s not that great to begin with eh? And ya, totally sort of off topic, but I love me some Civ 5 haha!


    1. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, but that I felt like I was playing CIV5 with a different skin on top of it. If this new expansion pack can change it up a little, I’ll probably jump back in.


      1. Ah, okay, so not much difference between the two then. In that case I’ll probably just stick to playing Genghis Khan and wrecking city states


      2. I really need to get back into Endless Legend. I’ve been playing Arkham Knight over the last few days, and so haven’t found any time to play anything else.


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