Hey Publishers, Remake this

In the last 5 years, a new trend has formed; the remake. With game development budgets ballooning, Publishers are desperate to find ways to increase profit margins, and re-releasing games that sold well once is one way of doing this. Resident Evil, Grim Fandango and the Halo franchise have all had newer; shinier versions released, and with the trend showing no signs of slowing down, I think it’s safe to say that Remakes are here to stay.

What games do I hope to see with a big fat ‘HD’ stamped on the box? Well let’s take a look….

A GameCube Launch title that has actually aged very well.
Is this Nintendo’s most charming game to date? Maybe.
Luigi’s Mansion – GameCube

A launch title for the Nintendo GameCube, Luigi’s Mansion never really got the love it deserved from a fan base who were desperate to see a sequel to Super Mario 64. Thankfully for second favourite Italian plumber Mansion  has grown in popularity since its release, with many now saying the game is a forgotten gem (me, I said that).

Mansion holds a special place in my heart. As a kid I adored the slower pace of the game; unlike his more popular brothers games, Luigi couldn’t run or even jump. He’d plod around this spooky mansion with nothing but a vacuum cleaner and a faint sense of terror; humming constantly as if to reassure himself. The game oozes that special Nintendo charm, every inch meticulously designed to be engaging and delightful.

I doubt we’ll see a second sequel to Luigi’s Mansion, but if there was one game I’d like to see remade for 2015, it’s this.

For its time, Metroid Prime was a visual masterpiece. And it still holds up well today.
For its time, Metroid Prime was a visual masterpiece. And it still holds up well today.
Metroid Prime – GameCube

Another GameCube classic and another game that Nintendo desperately needs to bring to either the Wii U or, perhaps more likely, the NX. Prime was at its time considered the best Metroid game ever made; the perfect combination of weaponry, exploration and stunning visuals.

Metroid may never be as successful as Zelda, Mario or Super Smash Bros., but I consider it to be one of Nintendo’s heavy hitters; a game that the mainstream players would lap up. It’s been 8 long years since Samus got a truly good game on a home console, it’s time once again Nintendo.

Future, Past, Present. TimeSplitters FP didn't care. Play in All the Times.
Western-Sci-Fi-Gangster FPS with playable Monkeys? Where do I sign up?
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

Oh hey look, it’s another Gamecube/XBOX/PS2 title.

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect; The FPS that just didn’t give a damn. Time Travel; Check, Playable Monkeys; Check, Aliens; Check. You name it, Future Perfect probably did it.

Despite being a critical darling, Future Perfect never really did all that well commercially, and the game would be the final entry into the TimeSplitters franchise. Rumours a few years ago that TimeSplitters would be making a comeback, but as of yet, nothing has come of it.

I doubt the series is all that marketable to be honest. It’s got a similar aesthetic to Team Fortress 2, but lacks the hyper-realism that most FPS player seem to crave. There’s a whole group of twenty-something’s who absolutely adored the game and its series so anything is possible, just don’t expect anything in the near future.

Bad Guys be Bad. Maybe.
Bad Guys be Bad. Maybe. Ish? I dunno….Han Shot First…
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Have you heard? Star Wars is coming back, and it looks to be bigger and more popular than ever. As such, we’ve got a few Star Wars games coming our way in the forms of Battlefront and whatever the hell they’re doing over at Visceral Games. And whilst I’m obviously excited about those games, they’d have to be awfully good to match the quality of this game; Knights of the Old Republic isn’t just the best Star Wars game ever produced, it might be one of the best RPG’s ever made.

Set in a time long before the events of either Trilogy, and developed by Mass Effect’s Bioware; KOTOR holds a place in many a fans heart for being one of the only Star Wars games to tell its own story and feature the ability to build your own light saber, something every fan has dreamed of at some point or another.

If you really wanted to, you could play the game on a PC or Tablet, but whilst I still love the game, it’s beginning to show its age. Bioware tried to evoke KOTOR when making Knights of the Republic, and whilst It scratches something of the same itch, it’s just not the same. A  total remake is in order here, it’s our last hope.

Dem Car models.
I swear this game looked incredible at the time. Honest.
Project Gotham Racing

Remember the XBOX exclusive driving game that wasn’t Forza Motorsport? The one with Kudos Points for driving around like a complete and utter idiot cool-ass-motherfucker? Still nothing? It had Gotham in the title but wasn’t a Batman game? Really? Come on guys..

Project Gotham was a different type of racing game. It wasn’t interested in the hyper-realism of Gran Turismo, and it didn’t care for the balls-to-the-walls approach of Burnout, it had style, class and sophistication.

In order to complete races, you’d earn Kudos Points. These points were awarded for great driving, incredible drifts, overtaking and finishing the race as high up the list as possible. A glorious combination of speed and style. If Gran Turismo was a McLaren F1, Project Gotham would be an Aston Martin DB9.

Unfortunately, by the series 4th iteration, things had started to get a little stale, and PGR fell off of the proverbial map; we’ve not seen anything since 2007 (talking major releases here – IOS ain’t cutting it). And with the Forza machine gearing up to become an annual thing, I’m not sure Microsoft has all that much interest in putting out a 3rd driving game. A real shame as PGR was a truly different take on a genre that can become very repetitive very quickly.

Storming Stalingrad's beaches. As horrifying as Medal of Honors Omaha section.
Storming Stalingrad’s beaches. As horrifying as Medal of Honours Omaha section.
Call of Duty

Calm yo selves! I’m talking about Infinity Wards almost forgotten entry into the World War 2 FPS space from 2003. The original Call of Duty was a damned masterpiece of a First Person Shooter. In a time where Medal of Honor and Battlefield 1942 ruled the world, Call of Duty came along and would redefine a genre long before anyone had thought about sticking a red-dot sight on anything.

A decade and a half later, and we’ve come full circle; the modern FPS has become what the WW2 FPS was 12 years ago; boring, predictable and somewhat tired. It’s time for a change, the FPS genre needs a change of pace, and going back to World War 2 with a more modern approach might be just the ticket.

Perhaps that’s not the way the target demographic would like to see it go, but I’m craving a slower, less…frantic FPS that doesn’t make me jump up walls, or drop into a giant mech. A Call of Duty remake with all the bells and whistles of a more modern Call of Duty game could be a fantastic change of pace. Give me perks, a levelling system and lens flair; just let me shoot Nazi’s along the way.


You’ve read the article, now its your turn. What games would you like to see get the HD/Remake treatment? Drop me a line in the comments or via Twitter. Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Hey Publishers, Remake this

  1. PGR is a great shout. Eclipsed by Forza but a real fun game for people like me who aren’t massive gear heads and aren’t too bothered by all the tinkering.

    I’d like to see the first 2 Red Faction games get a retouch, really enjoyed those, especially in split-screen multiplayer.

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