This Isn’t a Review: SUPERHOT

Two years after the then game-jam entry took the PC world by storm, SUPERHOT  is back as a fully fledged video game, and guess what? I think it might be the best game I’ll play all year.

I’m sorry about the hyperbole, it’s just that SUPERHOT is, well it’s excellent in almost everything it does. What does it do? Well Video Gamer, I’ll tell you.

This shouldn’t be too difficult…

Without being too reductive, SUPERHOT is a Puzzle game dressed up like a First-person shooter. A Portal rip-off this isn’t though. You’ll murder dudes, lots of them in fact. And chances are you’ll relish every single one of them.

The core mechanic of SUPERHOT is time, and how you manipulate that time to string together a series of brutal assassinations that you’ll be able to fully appreciate when presented with a ‘regular’ speed reply after the mission ends.

The campaign is rather short, but it tells you a somewhat interesting story about the nature of videogaBlah Blah Blah. It’s short, maybe 2-3 hours if you take your time. However it teaches you everything you need to know in order to get into the true meat of the game; it’s Challenge and Endless Modes. You’ll come for the visuals and stay for the endless streams of soon-to-be-beheaded red glass guys.

SUPERHOT is awesome. It’s visually stunning, highly addictive and an absolute joy to play. It’s rare that I’m so enamored with a game that I keep playing, even after finishing story-mode, but SUPERHOT has done it. It’s a game I’ll return to over and over again in future.


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