This Isn’t a Review: The Division

The Division isn’t a particularly bad game. After a while you might begin to appreciate its sluggish shooting mechanic, you’ll maybe start to enjoy its bullet-spongy enemies, you might even like running around the gorgeous depiction of a ruined and broken New York City.

Unfortunately for Ubisoft however, The Division is a game that’s a bore. In a world where it’s nearest competitor (Destiny) thrills with addictive gun-play and stunning environments, The Division feels sadly lacking. Whilst Destiny rewards its players with beautifully designed weapons and armor, The Division offers gray and black Sub Machine guns, or perhaps an off white hiking jacket. It all fits in with the games aesthetics well enough, but it only furthers the notion that the game is boring; held back by its style and setting.

The game uses Side Missions and Encounters to pad the world with things to do, but again the content is uninspired and forgetful. Tiresome and repetitive, it makes leveling up to a point where you can get to the larger, more interesting storied missions a real grind, which is death in a game where levelling up is The Thing.

Believe it or not, I do actually enjoy aspects of the game. Connecting with other players to take on the storied missions is a hoot, and exploring New York can be fun, albeit for a short time. It’s the stuff around all of that, the stuff that needs to be interesting and exciting to make the game work that (like many of the games enemies), simply falls flat on its face.

The Divisions biggest problem is this; tedium. Everything about the game, from its core loop to its game play mechanics bores. It’s tedious. The Division isn’t a particularly bad game, but its tiresome mechanics, uninspired game-play and copy-and-paste loot make it real difficult to say its a good one.

** Author Note **

I’m going to give The Division some more time. I’ve got nothing else to play and I would like to have a look into The Dark Zone. I’ll likely be playing this alone though so my mileage may vary as I have no idea what The Dark Zone is, or what it entails. Wish me luck.


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