E3: Whatever Happened To…

Sunny California, home of Hollywood, 3 successful Hockey teams and of course, everyone’s favourite gathering of Gamers; E3. Over the years we’ve seen many a great game announced at the event, however every once in a while we blow our collective load on a game that fails to materialise. Let’s take a look at some of E3’s biggest wet-farts.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian became a legend in its own right.

It wouldn’t be an E3 post without at least one mention of Sony’s, The Last Guardian. Originally announced way back in 2009, The Last Guardian was set to be a Playstation 3 game, however after some developmental delays, the game appeared to have been mothballed indefinitely, with many assuming that Sony had silently killed the project. That was until E3 2015 when the game made a surprising appearance on the Sony stage.

Only it wasn’t all that surpising. We’d been hearing for weeks and months that the game was still alive, still being worked on. The E3 reveal caught gamers attention, but it shouldn’t have caught anyone off guard.

At this point, would anyone be surprised if the game isn’t a massive disappointment? I wonder if Sony aren’t just pushing it out of the door in an effort to clean house. I hope I’m wrong, but when a game goes through this much, you’ve got to wonder.

Star Wars 1313

I love Lightsabers as much as the next guy, but a Star Wars game without them could work.

Truthfully, we don’t know all that much about this LucasArts project. We do know that it looked really, really good however, and that only makes it more dissapointing that it’ll never see the light of day.

Announced at E3 2012, the game was to launch on the PS4, Xbox ONE and PC, which would have made it one of the first ‘Next-Gen’ Titles announced. 1313 would focus on the gritty; less fantastical side of Star Wars that many fans had been clamouring for since Star Wars: Bounty Hunter over a decade ago.

Unfortunately the game was cancelled before we saw what it was, or what it could be. An unfortunate victim of the Disney – LucasArts acquisition no doubt.

There’s good news however. Star Wars and its games are back in-vogue.  So whilst we might never see this Star Wars game, we can be certain that we’ll get a chance to delve into the Star Wars universe time and time again over the next few years, and maybe we’ll see something similar to 1313 in the future. Please.

Prey 2

Taken from In-Game footage no doubt. 

So, I never actually played Prey. My brother owned a copy, but for whatever reason I never bothered with it, lets chalk it up to being totally engrossed in things that weren’t games at the time (LOST – I was that guy). That being said, there was (and still is) a collective sense of loss whenever the topic of Prey 2 comes up on message boards and podcasts.1

The game, a sequel to its 2006 predecessor was set to be released on PS3, 360 and PC. However before we really had a chance to get excited about it, the game went silent. It took until late 2014 before development was confirmed to be cancelled.

We’re not sure quite what went wrong with Prey 2, but there’s hope that eventually we’ll get a sequel that people on the internet tell me it deserves. At the time of cancellation, the games publisher (Bethesda) had this to say.

“It’s a franchise we still believe we can do something with — we just need to see what that something is”.

Certainly no guarantee, but I’m confident we’ll see more of Prey at some point.



This is about all we know of Agent. Rockstar Games missing IP.

Agent was supposed to be a PS3 exclusive from GTA developer Rockstar Games. Originally hinted at in 2007, and officially announced in 2009, details about the game were and still are limited.

After a few years of absolutely nothing, rumours began to spread that Agent had been cancelled, those rumours were squashed in 2011 by it’s publisher TakeTwo, and in 2013 that same publisher registered trademarks, perhaps hinting that maybe the game would see a release after all.

I’m not convinced, that’s an awful long time to go without seeing something, no leaks, no footage, nothing. There’s always a chance, but I’ve got to think the world, and Rockstar has moved on from Agent.

Whore of the Orient

We should get more games in this setting.

Whore of the Orient was expected to hit shelves at some point in 2015, almost 18 months later and we’ve seen nothing that would indicate the game is being worked on.

A real shame in my opinion. Developed by the same people who gave us LA Noire, Whore seems to have been lost to time, a game that originally showed so much promise but will likely never see the light of day.


And there we have it. A brief, limited look at some of the larger games who since being shown at E3 have simply vanished.




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