My Month in Games: May 2016

Uncharted 3 – PS4 (Uncharted – The Nathan Drake Collection)

Dehydration never looked so sexy

I’m not the first person to say this, but why is the Uncharted franchise so popular?

I mean, I get it to some degree. Uncharted is the Video Game equivalent of a comic-book movie, full of likeable characters, enjoyable and easy to digest storytelling and energetic action set pieces. The actual minute to minute game play of the series has always been a little tedious, the shooting mechanics are frustrating at best, and the endless killing-rooms bore and frustrate me in equal measure. So again, why is Uncharted so popular?

It’s undoubtedly a well made game that pushes the boundaries in many areas; it looks fantastic, the voice acting and animation are best-in-class and Naughty Dog has found a way to make a truly likeable group of characters. Ultimately I can’t shake the feeling that Uncharted isn’t aimed at players like me, someone who spends more time than I’d like to admit playing, thinking and reading about games. It’s aimed at people who buy one or two games a year, those that want spectacle above all else.

And that’s fine, not every game has to be tailored to suit my palette. I just wish I could drink the coolaide on Uncharted and fully embrace the series for what other people think it is.

The Division – PS4

Yeah it doesn’t look this nice.

This month I’ve been playing a Ubisoft game that wowed audiences the world over when it was demoed a few years ago. I’ve been playing a game that suffered delay after delay after delay and ultimately failed to live up to its own hype. Enough about Watch_Dogs however, lets talk about another underwhelming Ubisoft joint; The Division. Boom goes the dynamite…guys…guys?

Truthfully I’m not sure where I stand on The Division. On one hand I find its structure and mission design utterly boring, on the other I wanted to carry on playing it, hopelessly expecting the shoe to drop. It never did, and I finally decided the game wasn’t going to offer enough to make it worth my time continuing.

The Division offered so much promise, and yet like other highly touted games this generation, it’s all style and no substance. Another example of a game that fails at the most basic level, a game that just isn’t fun to play and seems confused by what it’s players want.

Overwatch – PS4

Colourful, bright and oozing charm. Overwatch nails its aestetic.

Oh man, what can I say about Overwatch that hasn’t already been said?

I should start with this, I’m not usually the online shooter guy. I’m actively bad at competitive games and thus don’t enjoy them, but Overwatch doesn’t care about that. The way in which it handles its players successes and failures means you don’t have to worry about being shown up. You’ll still need to be competent, but even if you’re not the best player you can still be a vital cog in the machine, and with its Play of the Game feature you might get to be the ultimate bad ass.

I’ve got an article coming about Overwatch, so look for that in the coming days. I’ll leave you with this. If you’ve ever wanted to play some competitive FPS action, but been put off because you’re anxious about ruining other people’s fun, Overwatch might be the game for you.


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