My Personal E3 Wish List

This isn’t a prediction post, I have absolutely no idea what to expect from next weeks gathering of gaming’s finest. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a few wants from the event though. Lets dive in.

Nintendo and the NX

If the Reddit Snoo and the PS Vita had a baby, this is what it would look like.

Nintendo seems real coy about the NX. The system is due to hit stores in less than a year and still we know absolutely nothing about it, and with no plans to show at E3, that isn’t likely to change soon.

So what else could they show? Aside from another look at the now NX-bound Legend of Zelda, they don’t have much to show. Everything seems to be in a state of flux; a holding pattern until we finally get more info on the new console.

Chances are Nintendo will be true to their word here, but speaking as a fan of games and the goings-on around games, I really hope Nintendo pulls a rabbit of the hat. I don’t much care if we see the console, I don’t want prices or even specs. Just give me something, maybe some game announcements; a signal of what I can look forward to upon the release of the new console.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

CGI trailer sure looks good. How about some actual gameplay though?

We don’t know much about this CD Projekt Red…project. Aside from a short teaser trailer a few years ago, details are awful spotty. We know that it’s an RPG set in the future, and that there’s guns and robots and stuff.

With The Witcher 3 in the books I’d imagine it’s all hands on deck with the goal of getting this game out as fast as possible, so perhaps some gameplay isn’t asking too much? Even if we don’t get a firm release date, it’d be real nice to know what exactly this game is.

Red Dead Redemption II

Marston is dead, but there are surely more tales to tell?

Some say Red Dead Redemption was the finest game of its generation, some think it’s one of the best games ever created, and I’m not sure I’d  argue with either point. Thought as a PC gamer, I’m still miffed that we’ve never been given the port we crave so, but all would be forgiven if we could jump back into this world once more with a new game.

It’s been 3 years since the release of GTA 5, and Rockstar surely has plans to roll this franchise out for another spin. Is that time now?

Knights of the Old Republic 3

I too like Star Wars.

Seeing as this is a wish list, fuck it.

EA should give the KOTOR license to the same people who gave us Mass Effect, one of my favourite games from the previous generation; Bioware. And then I want Bioware to make KOTOR 3 in Mass Effects image.

Star Wars offers something the Mass Effect universe never could; Lore.You’ve got an entire franchise of characters and histories to build from, and the best part? You can use as much or as little of it as you wish. Set it 2000 years before the rise of the empire.

If I could pick anything from this list to become fact, it’d be this. Too long we’ve waited for Knights of the Old Republic 3, and with Star Wars back at the top of the pile, surely it’s only a matter of time before we get what we so deserve.

Dino Crisis Reboot


I’ll be totally honest with you. Despite really enjoying the opening 3 hours of the original Dino Crisis, I never beat it, hell I never owned it. I had to rent it every weekend for a week to get as far as I did. The downsides of being a kid I guess. All the time, none of the money.

That aside, the premise of Dino Crisis is still super cool; Resident Evil but with Dinosaurs instead of Zombies. Give us a new game with 2016’s gameplay mechanics and maybe some not awful visuals and you’d have my money.









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