You Should Play: Clustertruck

Remember Super Meat Boy? Clustertruck is that, except instead of it being a 2D platformer it’s a 3 dimensional one. It also doesn’t have a cute central character, a plot or any end level bosses. So Yeah, its Super Meat Boy with Trucks.

All kidding aside, Clustertruck is a game that gives you one objective; navigate from one end of the course to the other. Easy enough right?

No. The catch is that you’ll have to do so by jumping from one moving truck to another, whilst the game tries its hardest to knock you off. Your sideways movement is severely restricted, you can’t touch the floor without dying and the trucks have an annoying habit of colliding with everything from rocks to pillars to other trucks. It’s a tough game, but if you’re into those ultra difficult, ‘one more go’ games, it’s super rewarding.

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge. Also Jump. Lots of that.

Its the sort of game that you’ll play after a long day at work. You’ll put it on for 5 minutes and before you know it, you’ve spent an hour trying to get through one course. It’s addicting, challenging and perhaps even a little unfair, and it’s a game I have every intention of returning too.






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