I’m desperate for a sequel to a game I didn’t enjoy

Announced at Sony’s 2013 E3 press event; The Order was one of the more eagerly anticipated games of the Playstation 4’s opening year. Yet despite the hype, the game failed both commercially and critically, with many calling it out for its short runtime, it’s boring mechanics and its linear structure.

And they’d be right. The Order is utterly underwhelming, it’s a game that has come to epitomise failure, a dirty word that is uttered whenever a big-budget game fails to land with its audience. So why am I writing that the game deserves a sequel? You see, for all of The Order’s many, many mistakes, it did do something well.


The Order: 1886_20150219160209
The game’s attention to detail was its biggest selling point

When you take away the tedium that was The Order’s shooting mechanics, and remove the incredible boring level design and what do you have left?

You’ve got the game’s world. You’ve got a time period and a locale that is rarely touched upon by video games. You’ve got a central plot that (if told correctly) could be fun in the same way the Uncharted series dabbles with history, with King Arthur, Nikola Tesla and Medieval monsters already present in the world.

Call it cheesy, but I love it when a game is willing to tell a story about pre-existing characters or events, I love to see them thread the yarn and see what they can come up with, and I don’t think we get enough of that in modern video games. We’re too obsessed with what’s going to happen in the far future, or what’s happened in the recent past. The Order’s best-selling point wasn’t its lighting, or even it’s attention to detail, it was it’s world; it’s mythology.

London. Blimps. Steam Punk. Sign me up.

I didn’t love The Order. I played it, I finished it, but I never really enjoyed it. I’d go as far as to say I was bored with it before I got close to the games conclusion. And yet, despite all that, I’m desperate to delve back into a world of Victorian era weaponry, of Steam-punk knights of the round table, of Nikola Tesla and his exotic use of electricity, of Werewolves and other medieval monsters. We likely won’t get another run around in this universe, and that’s a real shame as I really do believe The Order had more stories to tell.


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