The Super Retro Boy stole CES.

This is just a prototype, so expect Retro-Bit to polish off the finished unit before release.

If you, like me were a child of the 90’s (or..very, very late 80’s) the chances are you’ve played on, or owned a Game boy; Nintendo’s rectangle box of joy. In my house, at various points had a bright yellow Game boy, a turquoise Game Boy Colour and at least two frosted GBAs. In short, we grew up playing on them, and whilst the DS has done very well for Nintendo, it’s just never really been the same has it?

There’s hope however, and this hope comes in the form of the Super Retro Boy, a Game boy emulator from Retro-bit.

Do Want.

The Super Retro Boy is designed to look like the original Game boy.. with one or two additions, namely an extra row of buttons and a screen that is both backlit, and full of colour. It’ll also play cartridges from the original Game boy, the Colour and the Game boy Advance without breaking a sweat. Throw in a 10 hour battery life, the ability to charge via microUSB and they could be onto a winner, especially with the NES Classic putting gaming nostalgia back into the mainstream.

The Super Retro Boy is due for release in the US in August. It’ll likely cost $79.99 and based on the above image, could be available in both black and white? Either way, as someone who’s been desperate for Nintendo to bring the Game boy back since they originally shelved it, I’ll be all over this.

Retro-bit has a history of delivering solid products, here’s hoping they knock this one out of the park.







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