RANKED: My Favourite Overwatch Characters To Play

Overwatch succeeds for many reasons, one of which is its vast array of cool characters. Today I’m going to rank my favourite characters (to play as) from 5th to 1st.

winston_highlight_heroic5. Winston

Do I enjoy playing as Winston? Yup. Am I good at it? No. The hyper intelligent ape is a tough one to master. Too aggressive, you’ll be dispatched without too much trouble. Too passive and you might as well not be playing.

He’s fun for sure, but as much as I think he’s worth playing as, I wish Blizzard would do something about his (IMO) underpowered Ult.

lucio_highlight_inthegroove4. Lucio

If you’re planning on spending any significant time on Overwatch, I’d recommend you get good with at least one healer. As a bad player of video games, I found Lucio to be the least difficult to learn. Stay behind the front lines, keep moving and try to stick with your team as best you can.

There’s been times when my switching to Lucio has turned the game. If you can get competent with him, you’ll do well. Another reason I like him…he kills people with a dubstep gun. COME ON!

pharah_highlight_heroic3. Pharah

Do you like shooting things with Rockets whilst being able to fly high above the battlefield? Do you like knocking people off of ledges before they even know you’re in the area? Pharah is for you.

Before the end of 2016 I hadn’t so much as looked at Pharah, and yet here she is, sitting pretty at number 3. She can shoot rockets, she can fly and she’s got some of the coolest skins available.

I’m still learning to play Pharah, and my experience is limited, but what I have played has been really, really fun. If theres one character on this list that’s likely to climb rather than fall, it’s Pharah.

dva_lyingaround2. D Va

D Va was the first character I ‘mained’ during the summer of 2016. She’s fairly easy to learn, she zips around the maps and her ultimate can wreak havoc on a team if they’re not expecting it.

Better players than I will say she’s a bit of a boring pick, but when I’m unsure of my role I’ll always go with D Va. Worst comes to the worst, I’ve got a viable shield and an ability to be a royal pain in the backside.

soldier76_lookingatyou1. Soldier 76

I know. Soldier 76 is the most boring, the safest, the most uninspired pick for anyone’s favourite character ..and yet he’s mine. Again, I’m really bad at video games, so having a character that’s easy to master, dishes out a tonne of damage and provides healing is right up my alley.

Throw in some cool skins, a great ult (that I never manage to get right) and you’ve got a winner. Soldier might be boring for more advanced players, but he’s also fun as hell to play if you’re not into all that….thinking.

And there we have it. My (current) 5 favourite Overwatch heroes to play as. How would you rank them?


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