Pre-ordering Games

As an adult, I’ve got some disposable income. Not a lot of it, but enough to pre-order a video game or two if I’m really excited about it. I never do though, because that would be a really bad way to manage my limited video game budget.

I don’t pre-order games anymore. I think it encourages publishers and to a lesser extent, developers to cut corners, which in turn results in a worst product. They won’t get my money until after the games hit shelves; until my favourite site/blog/person has offered their opinion on it. To me, that’s the safest way to go. In 2016 alone it saved me time and money on No Mans Sky, ReCore, The Division and Dishonored 2.

That being said, I don’t judge anyone for pre-ordering a game they’ve been excited about for the best part of two years. We’ve all done it, we’ve all wanted to play that big new release on launch day, and we’ve all seen the myriad of pre-order bonuses that publishers throw at its prospective audience to try to entice them into handing over that super sweet pre-order money. It’d be super easy for me to go ahead and pre-order Mass Effect Andromeda right now. I wont though, because In 2017 I just don’t need to.

With next day delivery, and the vast majority of games being available to download inside a few hours ( I know – Internet connections are fickle as fuck, and data caps are infuriating), there seems little excuse to spend money on a game that could turn into a complete turd before it hits your doormat/download queue.

So if you are so desperate to play the hot new release on Day 1, go for it. It’s your money. However, I’ll be holding off, watching and waiting for the right time to give over my hard-earned money, you know..assuming it’s worth it.



2 thoughts on “Pre-ordering Games

  1. There’s a lot to be said for having the patience to wait and see if it is a good purchase or not. Publishers rely on people who have bought into to hype to spend their money blindly.
    I will say that pre ordering for a limited run version with a good quality physical item is something I can understand.


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