Ranked: My 5 Favourite Super Nintendo Games

Whilst the Super Nintendo wasn’t the first console I played, it does harbors most of my favourite gaming memories as a child. Today, I’ll rank my 5 favourite Super Nintendo Games.


5. Super Mario Kart


Mario Kart’s first, and arguably finest entry sits at number 5 on my list. Despite its age, Super Mario Kart remains eminently playable.

Super Mario Kart is the rarest of rare things, it’s a game from the 90’s that I could still play (and love) today. It looks and plays as well today as it did then, and now with the Nintendo Switch adding online play to some of Nintendo’s SNES games, we could finally be able to play online Super Mario Kart with friends across the globe.


4. Street Fighter 2 Turbo Edition


I’m bad at Fighting games. I was bad as a kid, and I’m still just as bad. Street Fighter II Turbo however, came at a time in my life where that was totally okay.

Yup. That’s it.

3. Super Mario World


Arguably my favourite Mario outing, Super Mario World is one of the most memorable games of my early video game life. I never finished it (kid), but if I was ever to go back to a game on this list, it’d be this one. It’s Iconic in every sense of the world.

Super Mario World is about as close as you’ll come to video game royalty. Whilst older kids had their first experience with Super Mario Bros; World was my jam. It’s tight platforming, catchy music and colourful graphics forever holding a lasting impression in my mind.

2. Pop N’Twinbee


I don’t know what this is or why I was gifted it, but here it is. Pop’n Twinbee was a colourful bullet-hell shooter-ish thingy that me and my brother spent way too many hours playing.

We sucked at it, because I was 8 and he was 5, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun attempting to maneuver our flying machines around a screen that was full of dangerous projectiles and a very early 9o’s colour pallet.


1. Biker Mice From Mars


Some kids in the 90’s loved Transformers, or Ghostbusters. I loved Biker Mice From Mars. And this attitude laden racing game was without a question, my favourite Super Nintendo game of all time.

We’d spend hours driving around the same 2-3 circuits (Underground and Beach) over and over until boredom finally took us for its own.

In hindsight, it’s probably a fairly bad game. I don’t remember it being all that difficult, the art looks bland as anything and it was a licensed game, and yet at the time I adored it. We’d spend hours driving around the same 2-3 circuits (Underground and Beach) over and over.


And there we have it. My 5 favourite Super Nintendo games. How do yours line up?



5 thoughts on “Ranked: My 5 Favourite Super Nintendo Games

  1. Hi there! I was delighted to run across your blog when the first thing I saw was a post on the greatest console ever. I haven’t played your #1 game… yet! I’ll remedy that. My top 5 would have Chrono Trigger at the top followed by FFVI, then Mega Man X, Super Mario World, and Yoshi’s Island. Thanks for the read!


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