Ranked: Games on Youtube

Three things I love. Watching 20 minute long Youtube videos, Video Games and Lists, oh boy do I fucking love a good list. Today, I’m going to rank my 5 favourite Video Game based Youtube channels for you.


5. Smosh Games / Honest Game Trailers

At five, we’ve got Smosh Games, or more specifically, Honest Trailers. I don’t really love most of what Smosh puts out, but their Honest Trailer series is essential if you’re a fan of gaming and know how to use Youtube. If you enjoy Honest Movie Trailers, you’ll find the same stuff here. Even Epic Voice Guy.

4. The Game Makers Toolkit

If you like your Youtube content longer, deeper and more intellectually challenging, The Game Makers Toolkit might be for you. They’re the closest thing I’ve found to gaming video essays, and each video that comes out is as interesting as the one before it.This is the sort of content I want to see going forward. Ditch the #bantz and more focus on deconstructing games as a medium.

3. No Clip

Continuing that trend, No Clip aims to take look at video games from a different angle. The crowd-funded documentary series is presented by former Gamespot favourite Danny O’ Dwyer and it looks super promising.

I’ll be truly honest with you, I’ve only watched the one video so far, but Danny wasso genuine in what he was saying that it’s hard not to see this thing succeeding. If like me, you want to see more adult coverage of games, take a look at No Clip. You (probably) won’t be disappointed.

2. Giantbomb

You know when you hear people discussing how games media is turning towards a more personality driven model? These guys are that model. Funny, informed and entirely at ease with their fans and each other. If you want to sit back and watch an hour of people having a good time whilst playing games, look no further.

Also, if you’re into Podcasts, they offer two of my favourites (look out for that list later)

1. Gameranx

And finally, at number one we’ve got Gameranx. If you’ve not heard of them, think of them as a half way house between Game Makers Toolkit and Smosh. They’re capable of being funny, whilst taking a serious look at games as a medium, and as a hobby. All in all, they’re great all rounders.


I’ve missed some, and for that I’m truly, awfully sorry. If you’ve got a favourite youtube channel, drop it in the comments and maybe I’ll check it out. Ciao.


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