My Month in Games: March 2017

March. My birth month.

I was pulled headfirst into the world, handed a controller and told to ‘git gud’. And whilst that never happened, 29 years later I spent my month hunting mechanical dinosaurs, unnerving myself with a spooky text adventure and deciding how best to get my cars around the track in the shortest amount of time. Here’s My Month in Games.

Stories Untold – PC

Games like Stories Untold are the reason I consider my PC my platform of choice for video games. It’s why I spend far too much of my free time browsing Steam release lists, and looking desperately for the new indie hotness. Stories Untold was like nothing I’d ever played before. Part text adventure, part data entry game.

I’ve written about Stories Untold previously, and whilst I did experience a somewhat infuriating bug in the final chapter, I still absolutely adored my time with the game. If you like your games laser focused both with it’s narrative and it’s aesthetic you could do much worse than take a look at Stories Untold.

It’s cheap. It’s short. And it’s very cool indeed.


Motorsport Manager – PC

Motorsport Manager is a difficult one for me. As any self-respecting football obsessed teenager would admit, I spent far to much time playing Football Manager. I’d spend hours, days..hell weeks at a time meticulously tweaking my tactics, training regimes and scouting staff in order to take my lowly semi-pro team to European Cup glory. And whilst I ultimately did grow out of that (what is free time as an adult?), I still have the occasional itch to scratch. An itch that I thought Motorsport Manager may be able to scratch.

MM delivers on much of what made me love the FM series so much (only with Cars, not Footballers). It allows you to take a small team from the very bottom to the very top, you can have a hand in almost every decision a team manager might have to make, from the colour of your cars to the drivers in-race strategy.

And yet, I can’t shake the feeling that it’s just not deep enough. That, if I put enough time into it, my team will become dominant without me really having done anything. MM is a fine addition to the sport management genre, but I think I need a little more from this sort of game if I’m ever going to fall into it in the way that I fell into FM all those years ago.

MM isn’t a bad game, in fact I think it’s a pretty good management sim. However it suffers when compared to the greatness that is Football Manager. It’s not the games fault, it’s mine.


Horizon Zero Dawn – PS4

It’s rare that an open world game grabs me like Horizon Zero Dawn did. It’s combat is tight, fun and very easy to get used to. It’s world is lush, varied and massive and the game’s lore is both interesting and unique in video games.

And yet with all of this, I wasn’t sure I’d even enjoy Horizon. I expecting Assassins Creed with Dinosaurs, and whilst that might sound interesting to some, I’d long since decided that I was done with that sort of game.

It’s not that it doesn’t take things from Assassins Creed, Far Cry or The Witcher. Because it does. However instead of becoming ‘Creed with Dinosaurs’ it takes the good from those franchises and makes it new, interesting and most of; unlike something like Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Horizon may end up being my favourite game of the year. I loved every moment of it from start to finish. And you know what? I can’t wait to see what these ‘expansions’ are. My heart wants Witcher 3 type content, and whilst I doubt we’ll actually get that, I’m desperate for a reason to leap head first into the world of Aloy and Mia and metallic dinosaurs once more.

What have you played this month? Drop me a line in the comments, or send me a message over on twitter


One thought on “My Month in Games: March 2017

  1. There was a stand for Stories Untold at Rezzed this weekend but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to play it! Sounds as if it would be right up my street though – I think this is another one I’m going to have to pick up.


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