I’m Still Here

I know I’ve not been around much in the last two months.

I’ve not seen as much of my family as I’d have liked, I seem to be incapable of mustering the enthusiasm to do much of anything productive and as much as I’ve tried to write, the words just won’t come. You see, life has been fairly rough to me and my own this last two months.

I’ll avoid specifics, but it’s been hard for a number of reasons. Even though I haven’t been bawling my eyes out every 5 minutes, I’ve found it difficult to focus on the things I usually enjoy. I’ve played a little Overwatch, dipped my toe into a book or two and watched the occasional movie, but that aside, my enthusiasm has been at an all time low.

The good news though, is that I think I’m ready to enter the world once more. So expect to see some more stuff from me in recent weeks. Thanks for being patient, and I look forward to talking about games with you all once again.




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