My Month in Games: May 2017

My Month in Games is exactly what you think it is. A monthly look back at the games I’ve played that month and what I think of them. 

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – PC


PUBG continues to dominate my spare time, with its tense and utterly engrossing take on the open-world-battle-royale-shooter. I love it, I want to play more of it and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing once I’ve finished writing these words. It’s truly something special.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Switch


I’ll be honest with you here. I’m not really a Zelda guy. Growing up I always prefered Mario’s adventures to that of Link and it wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I’d finished my first Zelda game. Fast forward 5 years and I’m beginning to appreciate what they’ve got to offer, maybe.

In the limited amount of time I’ve had to play this truly gorgeous game, I can tell they’ve taken the training wheels off. The incessant hand-holding of previous games has been banished entirely, which whilst I good thing, often leaves me aimlessly walking around Hyrule unsure of what to do next.  And you know what? At the moment that’s completely okay with me.

I’m going to finish this game, however I’m in no real rush to do so. The hardware is still super cool to play with, and Zelda is so absurdly large that rushing through it seems counterintuitive.

Batman: A Telltale Game Story Thing – PC


Months after being assigned to the dark corner of my pc that I call the ‘to finish list’ list, I finally got around to doing just that with Telltales take on the caped crusader, and you know what? It was a-okay; another one of ‘those games’.

I’ll vow to never play another Telltale game again. They’ll get hold of another license I love, I’ll wait for a sale, I’ll play it and then moan about it but ultimately complete it and then we get to do this merry dance once more.

Nier Automata – PC


I went in for Nier because I’d heard some truly great things about it. And whilst I don’t think it lived up to the hype entirely, I still had a truly fantastic time with it. The characters, the plot and the way the game handles narrative are first class. The way the game plays with your expectations, switches up genre conventions and keeps things fresh are a testament to how unique this game is.

Nier is a game I’ll remember for a long time. It’s a game I genuinely fucking enjoyed. It’s the sort of game I’d recommend to anyone who genuinely enjoys video games as a medium for storytelling. It likely won’t be my game of the year, but it may just end up being one of the games I remember most fondly as we move forward.

Overwatch – PS4


After skipping over much of what was offered with Overwatch’s previous event: Uprising. I was eager to jump back into the worlds favourite shooter with the recently announced 1st anniversary celebration.

There’s no massive change to the way Overwatch works here, just a bucket load of new character skins, emotes, sprays etc as well as three much-needed maps for my favourite arcade game mode: 3 on 3. And that’s exactly what I want from Overwatch going forward.

This is how I’ll spend my time with Overwatch from now on. I love the lore they’ve created, I love the characters and I obviously love how the game plays. And whilst it doesn’t take up my free time like it did a year ago, whenever Blizzard hosts a special event, I’ll be back to collect new skins, buy Loot Boxes that make me feel bad about myself and generally just have an awesome time.



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