Day 3: A game that is underrated

Remember 7 years ago when we were all super into something called tumblrarity, earning reblogs and generally just being little hipsters on tumblr? Fun wasn’t it? That’s why I’ve decided to do something every blogger loves: The 30 day blog challenge. Yay!


My gaming library is littered with games I absolutely adored, but the wider community ignored completely. Games like Refunct, or Tearaway. Smaller games that didn’t promise the world, but left me feeling pretty darn good about it. My selection for today did just that:


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger came out towards the end of the PS3/XBOX 360 Generation. And it caught people off guard for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s a Juarez game that didn’t suck ass. Secondly, not only was the gunplay solid, it was down right awesome. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, the game played with the way it told its story; turning death into a part of the story, rather than the unfortunate end point.

If I had a list of games that I’d love to see a sequel to, Gunslinger would a long way up that list. I loved it from moment zero, but in the years since it’s release it’s been largely forgotten.

Check in tomorrow for Day 4: Your Guilty Pleasure Game


4 thoughts on “Day 3: A game that is underrated

  1. I had this on PC and it is pretty good. The aesthetic is great and the way the story changes depending on what the narrator says is a nice twist. The gun fight sections were a little weak though.


    1. I’m holding out hope that they’ll put the entire catalogue of games up for sale on a Steam sale at some point.

      I’ll lock myself in a room for a month and do nothing but play them. It’ll be beautiful.

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