I Should Play These 2016 Games

2017 has been a truly fantastic year for games, but I’d like to stop for just a few moments and remember the games that I swore I’d get around to playing, but for one reason or another, haven’t. So please, doff your cap and bow your heads as we take a moment to remember the ones that I left behind.



I have a confession. I don’t like JRPG’s. I find them to be rather tedious affairs with grindy mechanics, irritating characters and plot’s so over the top that even I lose interest.

Final Fantasy XV however is a game I’m ridiculously excited to play. Only I’m not entirely sure why. Aside from it’s rather lovely looking visuals, nothing else appeals to me; it looks like another JRPG with bad politics and a brylcreem obsession.

And yet here I am, waiting patiently for a sale that’ll allow me to justify spending £15 on a game I’m not sure I’ll even enjoy.


Dishonored II was arguably my most anticipated game of 2016. I adored the original, I finished both story DLC packs and I could barely contain myself when news broke that Dishonored 2 was coming. However after a series of questionable moments including the review copies thing and a horrendous PC launch. I decided to hold off on the game, finally picking it up after Christmas; only to immediately refund it because it still ran like ass on my PC.

I (perhaps foolishly) asked for another copy on my birthday (PS4); the game is still in its shrink-wrap. I’m sure Bethesda wont miss my playing of the game, but I have to wonder if things would have been different had the game launched correctly on my preferred platform.

At this point I’m not even sure if I care enough about the game to start it up. And that’s a real shame as I’ve heard it’s a pretty solid game…assuming you’re not playing on PC.


I’m a little lot scared of stealth games. The constant tension that never seems to dissipate, the way they make you feel like you’re playing them wrong and my constant need to play games ‘correctly’. All three have resulted in me to skipping over Hitman time and time again. Instead of opting for Giant bomb’s Game of the Year I’ll play something easier, something less demanding, something that to be totally honest, probably isn’t as good, or as interesting as a game.

I’ve had Hitman sitting in my Steam backlog since Christmas and yet I’ve still not mustered the enthusiasm to load it up. Unlike other games on this list however, I have every intention of playing it at some point.



If you’d have told me that not only would EA’s take on World War 1 have been both tastefully done (aside from the tire fire that was the marketing) and fun to play, I’d have questioned your sanity, but damn if they didn’t do it.

A unique setting that I wasn’t sure was even viable for a first person shooter, and some truly interesting takes on storytelling make BF1 a game I’m not only interested in playing, but one I’m rather desperate to.

Much in the same way that I’m waiting for FFXV, Battlefield is a game that I’m very interested in playing…for a specific price. The second I can get it on PC for £20 or less I’ll make it mine. Until then, I guess I’ll keep waiting for these companies to let me buy the campaign separate from the multiplayer I show no interest in.


What games are you totally going to play at some point?


3 thoughts on “I Should Play These 2016 Games

  1. I was all different kinds of skeptical about Battlefield 1 too, but I actually really enjoyed it. Even… *gasp*… the Multiplayer kept me amused for waaaay longer than I expected it to, so all things considered, I was really rather pleased with it!


    1. Not sure how much I’d get out of the multiplayer in all honesty. I’m usually bad at it and I don’t have a team to roll with.

      I’m there almost exclusively for the story. I want to see how they handle the vignettes


      1. I was pleasantly surprised by the story elements, and I think they were reasonably well handled. I mean, you still have to shoot a lot of people and whatnot, but it was at least *relatively* nuanced and sympathetic. Which was important given the nature of the conflict, I think. The opening level/introduction’s pretty powerful in that respect.

        And I’m usually pretty tragic at Multiplayer too, but given Battlefield 1’s a bit different to your twitch-ey CoD type games, I actually managed to make up for my general shiteness using, like, tactics and such. Obviously I still died a lot, but there was a lot of space to find a niche, and it kept me reasonably interested.


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