Day 6: The most annoying character

Remember 7 years ago when we were all super into something called tumblrarity, earning reblogs and generally just being little hipsters on tumblr? Fun wasn’t it? That’s why I’ve decided to do something every blogger loves: The 30 day blog challenge. Yay!


This one shouldn’t take long at all.


The award for video gamings most annoying character goes to Loki from Bayonetta II.

Anyone who’s played this game will understand. Not only is this kid awfully written, but he has some of the worst line delivery I’ve ever heard in a video game. Google ‘Bayonetta II Loki Soundboard’ and you’ll see what I mean. It’s awful, cringy and actually kind of impressive that they didn’t fix it before release.

Loki is a patronising cock who’s almost ruined the entire Bayonetta II experience for me. And I very much hope I never have to put up with his particular brand of bullshit ever again.

Check back tomorrow for Day 7: Favourite Game Couple


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