Day 7: Favourite Gaming Couple

You hear that sound? That’s the sound of me pulling the brakes on this thing. I was building up some momentum, things were looking good and then suddenly and without warning, they throw this tumblr BS at me. You see, it’s not that I don’t think people can connect to video game couples, I just think for the most part games suck at forging those relationships in a meaningful way.

But you’re not here for that though are you. You want my hot take on this years #1 video game couple. Maybe it’s Natlena, could it be Yennralt? Could Princessmario be making a late surge in the voting? Let’s find out.

….And the Winner of 2017’s Best Couple Award goes to:  Jackie and Jenny – The Darkness (2007)


When it comes to on-screen love, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better representation of that love than Jackie and Jenny. In the relatively short amount of time you get to spend with the two of them, they seemed….real and honest and entirely in love with one another. You can see that their relationship isn’t perfect, but they’re happy and enjoy each others company in a very real way.

The game does something very unique in that it allows you to step back from the action and head back to Jenny’s apartment to just…relax. For a medium that’s designed to keep the players constantly busy; constantly moving from A to B, it’s a rare thing that a game allows you to just stop and enjoy the surroundings and the characters in a quiet moment. It strengthens the bond between the two of them, and allows you to see a more personal side to the character that you’re inhabiting.

Ultimately it all ends tragically; because video games, but the time spent with both Jacky and Jenny still sticks with me even today.

Please make a 3rd game in this criminally underrated franchise. Please.

Come back tomorrow for Day 8: Best Video Game Soundtrack




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