Day 10: Gaming System of Choice

Meta: So I done gone fucked up..This should have been day 11, but after a truly hilarious series of events, I named it 10 on my Google Keep List. OH well. I’ll be doing 10 11 tomorrow.

Day um…10 shouldn’t be too difficult. You see, as much as I love playing games on whatever platform they happen to be on, I’ve got a firm favourite. A platform that, all things being equal would be my default choice for all games.

My gaming system of choice is…my PC.



Gaming is my favourite past-time. I love playing games, I love reading about them, writing about them and listening to people talk about them. And without wanting to fall too far into the ‘I am my hobby’ thing, they do have a massive impact on who I am.

As such, I don’t give a crap about systems or platforms. I don’t care about console bias, or which system is ‘better’. I hate the childish ideal that my console is better than your console. In an ideal world, all games would be available on all platforms for the same price and at the same level of quality.

However, #pcgamingmasterrace bro.

I love my PS4 and my newly purchased Switch. Both have some fantastic games; but the PC is where my heart truly lies. I love the breadth of titles available on PC. From small indies to AAA blockbusters. I love playing on a keyboard and mouse. I love sitting as close to my monitor as possible. And I even love the idea of maintaining hardware, of buying new things and keeping my ‘rig’ up to date.

That’s not to say it’s a perfect platform. There are complaints to be made for sure. Too often the platform is the ugly sister of development; ports are rushed and broken. Games are progressively getting more and more expensive and Steam seems to be slowly but surely turning the market into a monopoly with themselves sat atop the mountain.

But I still love it. If I could play everything on my PC I would. It’s that simply.

Check back tomorrow for Day ’11’ (ahem): Best Gameplay


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