Day 11: Best Gameplay (Nope)

I think the word ‘gameplay’ is a little too broad a term to be honest with you. So if you’ll allow it, I’m making a change to today’s topic. Instead of Gameplay, let’s talk about ‘My Favourite Game Mechanic.

With game Mmechanics being less about how a game feels and more about the way a certain system of that game impacts the game and the player, I think it’s a little easier to talk about them, especially in a quick post like this.

Anyway….onto the important stuff.

What is my favourite game mechanic? That award goes to: Bullet Time.


Way back in 1999, before I’d first discovered the World Wide Web, a little movie came out. This movie was called The Matrix, and it went on to change film in some good…and not so good ways. It also introduced the world to the idea that a man in a black jacket could dodge bullets. Bullet Time was a thing. And two years later Max Payne brought the idea to the world of video games.

You see, I love me some Bullet Time. and for my money, it aint used nearly enough in video games. There’s something about running through a doorway, jumping head first over a barrier and slowing down time to a crawl whilst shooting unsuspecting bad guys in the face that just feels so damn good.

Max Payne is probably the most famous example of this mechanic, but it’s been used elsewhere, notably in Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption. In Red Dead however, it’s used in a slightly different way; the world around you still slows down, but your character is much, much less mobile. I don’t think it’s as enjoyable here as in the Max Payne franchise, but it doesn’t make much sense to have John Marston diving head-first off a horse to kill the local buffalo thief does it?

I think what makes the mechanic so memorable is that it makes the player feel incredible powerful. You’ve completely turned the tables on your enemy in a way they simple can’t handle. And what’s more, you feel like a complete bad-ass whilst doing so.


Check back tomorrow for Day 12: A Game Everyone Should Play






One thought on “Day 11: Best Gameplay (Nope)

  1. A lot of character action games like Bayonetta have used this mechanic in recent times. Vanquish used it pretty well too (lots of Platinum Games’ work here) so I don’t think it’s quite dead yet. I’d love to see some inventive uses for it, but I’ll leave that sort of thinking to smarter men than I!


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