Quick Fire E3 Predictions and Hopes

So I woke up this morning and realised that E3 was literally hours away. What I’d been doing for the past month I don’t know, but I certainly wasn’t writing the post that every-single-gaming-blog writes about E3. As such, this post is coming in HOT!!! Let’s get down to it. What do I want to see at E3?

Keeping with the theme, I’m going to list 3 (aha) bullet points from each of the main players (Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft), and then a few extra points at the bottom of the post for general Electronic Expedition 3 thoughts and hopes.

I’ll start with the company that affects me least:


  • Project Scorpio

This one seems fairly obvious. They’ve been hinting at the existence of this thing for well over a year, and the leaks are firmly out there. Anything less than a full reveal would be a complete disaster at this point. This is going to happen. Even if I’m not sure who’s really interested in the idea of a faster, more powerful XBOX.

  • Sea of Thieves Release Date

From the famed development team over at Rare. Sea of Thieves has been in the oven for a while. It makes sense that we not only see more footage, but get a firm release date. It’s been two years and we’ve still not seen an awful lot from this game. If they don’t give us some details, could it be time to start worrying about its future?

  • Mixer. Please use Mixer

Microsoft recently changed the branding on its in-house streaming platform to Mixer. It makes sense that they go all in on this service as a way for Xbox gamers to stream games via the console, and directly through Microsoft’s servers. I’ve just started watching people play games on Twitch, and it’s totally fine, but as my interest in the activity grows, I’d like to see what Mixer has to offer.


  • PSVR Push

VR seems to have hit something of a wall. Sony could be uniquely placed to push the ‘future of gaming’ through that wall, but it’s going to need them to commit in ways they are usually hesitent to do. They need to start getting more headsets in stores, and giving consumers a reason to go to those stores. VR needs actual, honest to god games that get people excited. Enough of the corridor shooters and ‘VR Experiences’. Gamers want games and it might be time for Sony to give them to us.

  • Horizon DLC

As I’ve noted on the blog before, I adored Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s a beautifully realised world, and one that’s rife for some added story DLC. I’m thinking something along the lines of those Witcher 3 expansions. Large, open world story DLC that gives me a reason to go back into that world and fall in love with it once again.

  • The Last of Us Part Two Trailer

I’d be absolutely stunned if we didn’t get a new trailer for Naughty Dog’s next entry into the generation defining game The Last of Us. People are interested in continuing the story of Ellie and Joel, and there’s no bigger stage than that of E3. Hell, maybe we’ll even get a date…?


  • First Party Titles!

I’ve had my Switch just under a month and whilst I do absolutely love it, it’s in need of some games. Nintendo certainly has the franchises for it. I want Metroid, Animal Crossing, Pokemon (a proper Pokemon adventure), Star Fox and maybe a re-release of that adorable Captain Toad Wii U game. And whilst I’m sure we won’t get any of those (because Nintendo), I think the Switch is desperately in need of them.

  • Indi…..Nindies.

Another way to load up the Switch’s library is go the indie route. I want to see Nintendo going after those developers who are getting their games onto the other consoles. I want to take those games on the move with me. All things being equal, if I’m choosing between PC, PS4 and Switch for my indie game, I might just go Switch because of the flexibility of it. Make it happen Nintendo.

  • Virtual Console

Again with the games huh? Well we still know nothing of the Virtual Console for Switch. Nintendo needs to announce this ASAP. I don’t think it sells consoles on its own, but it does pad the library of games available. And instead of that 1-a-week BS from the Wii U, drop as many games as you’ve got in one go. Make them cheap to own and for the love of god let me play Gamecube games on my Switch.


  • Red Dead Redemption II

We won’t, but I’d love to see some actual gameplay for Red Dead II. Unfortunately, Rockstar likely won’t be there to show anything. Because why share the limelight when anything you announce will dominate the news cycle for days?

  • Square Enix’s Avengers

We don’t know much about this project as of yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw something in the coming week. Avengers is a top-tier license, and E3 is as big as it gets for this industry. I’d love to see more details of what this game is.

  • An Arcade Hockey Game

This is a very personal one to me. It’s been years since we had a genuinely fun arcade hockey game. EA’s take on Big-Head-Hockey was that game, and I’d be absolutely delighted if we saw something similar; especially on Switch. It’s unlikely, but with the recent release of NBA Playgrounds, I’ve got some hope.

  • Cyberpunk 2077

The same people who made that Witcher game first showed this game off like…4 years ago. In that time we’ve seen very little, and that was okay because we had Garelt to get excited about. However The Witcher 3 launched ages ago and I think we’re beginning to get a little impatient. It’s time to show us some gameplay.

  • Tomb Raider

We know there’s a new Tomb Raider coming. We just don’t know when. Could we see another timed-exclusive? Or have they learnt how awful that idea is after Rise was largely ignored by the fan base it thought it had?

  • Free Online?

Sony, Microsoft and now even Nintendo are charging for online access. As someone who primarily plays on a PC, I think it’s a little daft. However, could you imagine being one of the big three not to charge customers for this service? That would be a pretty sizeable differentiator. I don’t think we’ll see this, but if they could find a way to make it work financially, it’d be a very interesting move.

What are your hopes and predictions for E3? What are you most excited about seeing? Drop us a line in the comments and don’t forget you can follow me on twitter @danielpholt


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