Day 13: A Game You’ve Played More Than 5 Times.


So here’s the thing. I don’t re-play games after I’ve completed them. I mean, who has the time? And if I’ve do have spare time to spend on a game, why would I do it on a game I’ve already experienced?

So this is going to be a tough post to write, because I’m fairly confident that I’ve never played a game from front to back more than twice. So…I guess I’ll write about that game?

And that game is: The Witcher: Assassins of Kings


Here’s the dark and dirty secret that I don’t think people like to admit. The Witcher 2 is the best Witcher game. Yup. It’s a tighter, more structured experience and I think it’s all the better for it.

I’ve played the Assassins twice already, once on XBOX and once on my PC. And with The Witcher 3 starting to disappear from my rear-view mirror, I’m starting to get that itch for adventure that only the Witcher is capable of scratching. And whilst many crave Wild Hunt’s open-world, I’m looking for something a little less…mind bogglingly huge, and that means Assassins of Kings.

That’s not to say that the game is linear. Oh no. You see, it’s simple impossible to play the game once and experience all that it has to offer. Towards the end of the first chapter you’ll make a choice that splits the game in two. Meaning you’ll have to play the game twice to experience these vastly different plots. In a way, it’s an awfully brave decision by the dev team.

It might not be the most popular of the franchise, but for my money, Assassins of Kings is the better all-around game. And that’s why it’s probably going to be the only game I replay in its entirety for a third time.

Check back tomorrow for Day 14: Current or Most Recent Gaming Wallpaper……


3 thoughts on “Day 13: A Game You’ve Played More Than 5 Times.

  1. I’m the same as you, since becoming an adult, there are very few I’ve played through more than once. There are some though: Dark Souls two or three times, Alan Wake twice and Mass Effect…7 times! I really wanted those achievements 😉


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