I Don’t Want E3 to Disappear.

As gamers, we’re constantly told to check our hype, that we shouldn’t get too excited about things because ‘Oh it’s just hype’, almost as if people forget that video games as a hobby are supposed to be fun; that it’s perfectly fine to get excited about things that excite you.

Over the last few years we’ve seen E3 change from the most important event in the gaming calendar, to something that’s almost held in contempt by the gaming press and to a lesser extent the people who make the games. E3 has become a dirty word. Shorthand for a week of constant misery, a week of running around from meeting to meeting, trying desperately to avoid the dreaded ‘consumer’ who’s just eager to see as many games as possible.

As one of those consumers however, I still want E3 to be gaming’s ‘main event’. As a fan of games I absolutely adore E3 week. It’s our Christmas; our World Cup. The one time where the entire industry comes together to show off what it’s got and the one time where I think it’s okay to be pumped up about this crazy pastime. No cynicism, no sarcasm. Just good old fashion enthusiasm.

Everyone who calls gaming their favourite hobby is laser focused on the same thing. We’re all talking about that trailer, or whatever the Devolver thing was. It’s something we rarely get in video games. Something that Sports, TV and Movies get right constantly. A unified focus.

Maybe it’s not financially viable going forward. Maybe it makes more sense of the larger companies to throw their own events, like Quakecon, Blizzcon or PSX. Maybe letting fan’s into the event is a last desperate attempt to make E3 worth it for publishers. And I hope it works. Because for a fan of games, I’m not sure there’s a more exciting time than E3 week.




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