Day 16: The Game with the Best Cut-scene

I’ve noticed something about the nature of these topics. They’re really rather broad and for the most part, require the author to spend half an hour googling for an answer that they’ve got no way knowing off the top of their head. Today’s topic is no different.

After 20 minutes of googling ‘Best Video Game Cut-scene’ here’s my favourite.

I played an awful lot of Gears of War as a teenager (come to think of it…it’s probably my most played game – oops), and as such I’ve grown fairly fond of the dude-bro quartet of Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird.

After spending the best part of a game and a half searching for his lost wife, we learn that Dom’s wife; Maria hasn’t survived the war and after a touching cut-scene, Dom is forced to end her suffering.

By the 3rd game he’s lost his very reason for being, and you could predict the end for this much-loved character coming a mile off. And as sad as it is to watch a character’s final moments, it’s the reactions of Marcus that really push me over the edge. Here’s a man who *always* finds a way to save the day, but in this instance..there’s nothing to be done.

The above clip is cheesy. It’s corny. It’s all of those words you’d use to describe something that’s a little too on the nose; a little too over the top. And yet, it still leaves me holding back the tears. Why? Because as much as the characters were hyper masculine assholes, they were my hyper masculine assholes and I had grown attached to them.

Check back tomorrow for Day 17: Favourite Antagonist


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