Day 20: Favourite Genre

Meta: Today has been a long one. I had work last night, I’ve had two hours sleep and I’ve spent the day driving around seeing family, so forgive me if this is another somewhat limited discussion of this topic. 

Hey, the challenge is to post for 30 days straight right? No one said they had to be good…Ahh yes. Genre. 


In the world of video games, genre is a funny old word. For certain it used to mean something. You knew what you were getting when you purchased the latest adventure game from LucasArts. You knew the new FPS from ID was probably going to be right up your alley and you were positively certain that you’d never buy another RTS game after Tiberian Sun.

Things change however. In 2017 the word genre has morphed into something different, something that I’m not even sure is relevant anymore. Because in all honesty, video games have rendered the word defunct. Every Video Game released in the last 5 years has elements usually only found in the adventure game, or the role playing genre or the action game. Some FPS games have inventory management. Some survival horror games have first person combat. Genres have merged to a point that they’re almost indistinguishable from each other….

Forgive me, I’m rambling. I’m too warm, and tired and I kind of just want to play some more Zelda.

My favourite genre? It’s the RPG.

The first ‘RPG’ I fell in love with was Knights of the Old Republic. I remember the day I bought it from PC world. I remember loading it up on my newly built PC as a 13 year old. I remember telling my friend I was playing it, and having him call me a geek for liking Star Wars (jokes on him – everyone fucking likes Star Wars). I remember playing it for months, learning the game, working out how best to play my character. I even remember how I fucked up that character and went into the final fight under-levelled and ended up cheesing what should have been the games climactic sequence. From that game forward, there was only ever one winner.

The FPS is easy to play, the management sim gets my brain working and the puzzle game makes me feel like a god. The RPG though, that has the ability to do all three, whilst allowing me to choose what sort of armour I want to wear and in some instances, how bitchy I’d like my responses to be.

What I love best about the RPG however, is becoming someone else. Above else, video games are good at that. Be it a Jedi, an Assassin or even a monster hunter. And the RPG exemplifies that.


Meta: Welp. Turns out that wasn’t the short post I was expecting. Check back tomorrow for Day 21: The Game With The Best Story. 


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