Day 22: A Game Sequel That Disappointed You

The world of games is littered with sequels that didn’t quite cut the mustard. I could list Dishonored 2, Mass Effect Andromeda and Star Wars Battlefront as sequels that didn’t quite hit the mark in the last 2 years alone. Hotline Miami 2, MIrrors Edge Catalyst and Deus Ex: Mankind divided are high up on that list too. My personal favourite for this award, well that might surprise a few.


It’s not that Saints Row IV is a bad game, but that it completely failed to build on the great work that came before it.

Saints Row the Third is arguably one of the best open-city games ever made. And whilst IV piggybacks on much of what made the Third so enjoyable, the additions make the game less interesting and ultimately less enjoyable.

In choosing to adopt what was originally designed as add-on content for Saints Row the Third, they stretched out an already limited premise into a full game. And it clearly struggles. Where The Third had fun mini-games and over-the-top characters, IV is full of tedium and a plot that doesn’t know which direction it wants to go.

Saints Row IV isn’t a bad game, not by a long shot. It’s fine. It’s acceptable. It just doesn’t improve upon its predessecor in any meaningful way. And after Saints Row the Third set expectations for the franchise so high, that’s a very disappointing thing indeed.

Check back tomorrow for Day 23: A Game You Think Had The Best Graphics or Art Style.







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