Day 23: The Game You Think Had The Best Graphics or Art Style

UK readers will know that we’re 5 days into this god-awful heat wave and I’m ready to kiss the summer goodbye. It too damn hot. Too hot to play games on my PC, too hot to go outdoors and too hot to write. Speaking of writing. You know what else is too hot? This Yeah. It’s hot take time! Ish…

Before I get to my winner, I’d like to point out a few games that I think deserve a look. They aren’t my favourite, but they deserve some love. Games like The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Superhot, Counterspy and Hitman Go all offer unique and beautiful art styles that sadly, we just don’t see enough of.

As for my winner. It’s another game that offers something totally unique.


Tearaway Unfolded is a PS4 remake of arguable the PSVita’s greatest game Tearaway. The reason I’ve gone for the remake as opposed to the original is simple. As good as it looks on that hand-held screen, it looks all the better in crisp HD.

As you can see in the gif above, the art style is both unique and interesting. Each frame of animation is beautiful and distinct from the one before it. I don’t recall ever seeing a game in this style; certainly not one that pulls it off as well.

Tearaway Unfolded isn’t a game that sold all that well, and that’s a real shame as for me, it’s art style and sense of character and fun is second to none. From the adorable characters to the environmental detail, the world of Tearaway Unfolded is truly one to behold.

Check back tomorrow for Day 24: Favourite Classic Game


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