Revisiting The List: 2017’s Gaming Resolutions

Just after the turn of the year I blogged about what I was looking to get out of 2017 as a gamer. As we approach the midway point in the year, I thought it’d be a good idea to revisit some of my resolutions and check up on how I’m doing.

Resolution 1: Mix It Up

In 2017 I’d like to change that. I’m not saying I’ll get big into grand strategy games, but I want to test the waters a little, I want to allow myself to try new things once. After all, whats the worst that could happen? I decide that maybe pigeon dating simulators are my thing after all?

There are many interesting, beautiful and truly novel games coming out every single day, in 2017 I’d like to challenge myself to try some of those games, even if it means me taking a risk or stepping out of my comfort zone.

I think I’ve got this one down. Through June 12th 2017 I’ve completed 17 games. Of those 17 games I’d consider Oxenfree, Sara Is Missing, Hidden Game By Mom, 80 Days and A Normal Lost Phone to be games I wouldn’t usually show much interest in. And whilst I can’t admit to having loved all of the above games, I’m glad I took a look at them, especially A Normal Lost Phone which (forgive the cliché), I think has made a better person, or at the very least a more…socially aware person.

Resolution 2: Newest Latest Best?

In 2017 I want to become less worried about playing the latest games and allow myself to enjoy games from previous years whilst shedding the need to ‘be in the know’. If a game released in 2017 is good enough, I’ll likely get to it eventually, and if I don’t? That’s fine too.

17 completed games: 7 of which came out in 2017. I think I’m grading pretty well on this one. The problem I’ve got going forward is this: I like to be ‘in the conversation’ come end of the year awards time. So chances are I’m going to find myself with less and less time to play older games. I’ll need to actively commit to playing games from previous years at this point, and with all the good intentions in the world…I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it.

Resolution 3: Write Em Up

In 2017 I want to continue writing about the games I love, the people who make them and the hobby that has given me so much pleasure over the last 22 years.

I tend to find I blow hot and cold with blogging. There are months I might post 10 times, and on the opposite side I could go three months without producing anything. 2017 however has been a pretty solid year for me. The #content has been flowing fairly regularly and I *think* it’s improving to some degree.

I think ultimately I’d like to start writing longer pieces about the game I’m playing that aren’t reviews or recommendation posts, but I’d be lying if I said I found it easy to write criticism because for the most part, I don’t really have the vocabulary for it. The vast majority of my posts are opinions about the games I’m playing and whilst I think that’s what I set the blog out to be, I think we can tweak it a little bit.

I’d like to imbue my posts with a little more personality as well; even if it’s through references or maybe a joke about something important to who I am as a person.



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