Day 25: A Game You Plan on Playing

Friday. The end of the week (for you lucky people – I work weekends), a time to think forward to the joys that are to come over Saturday and Sunday. A time to play games, hang out with those you love and generally just chill out.

In today’s post, I’ll talk about a game I plan on playing. A rather broad topic for sure, but one I’m looking forward to writing. Lets dive in.

My Game I Plan On Playing is:


NHL 18 

It’s a sports game. 


I know, it’s an annual franchise that barely changes from year to year, but after skipping NHL 17 and NHL 15 and only picking up NHL 16 when it was priced similarly to a bucket of regular popcorn, it’s saying something that I’m excited to grab this up on launch day.

There’s a few key additions that have my interest, namely NHL Three’s which based on the image above looks like it’s going to be a more arcady take on the sport I love so much ( I wrote about my want for this type of game during my E3 Wishlist). With fewer players on the ice and a focus on fun rather than simulation. I’m getting Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey vibes and it feels great.

Franchise mode is getting some new features too, and as a Hockey fan who also loved the Football Manager series growing up; I’m desperate for a Hockey game that allows me to flex my managerial muscles. Maybe NHL 18 isn’t the place for that, but the added Franchise mode features really have me exited to see how it holds up against the likes of Franchise and Eastside Hockey Manager.

Check back tomorrow for Day 26: Best Voice Acting.


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