Day 27: Most Epic Scene Ever!!

Meta: Day 27. So believe it or not, I spent all day on the road yesterday, and when I finally got to our destination; no fucking internet. Not even on my phone. It’s 2017.

Good morning video game fans. On today’s edition of ‘Google Told Me This Was the Answer’, we’ll be talking about the MOST EPIC VIDEO GAME SCENE EVER!!!!!???!!!!.

My nomination for Most Epic Scene Ever goes to:


Yup. I cheated. Maybe?

I think the question would prefer a more…story based answer; something with a cinematic cut-scene or a pounding piece of music. However, I genuinely think the moment you eject out of a Titan in Titanfall 2 and fly into the air whilst your Titan explodes, killing everything and everyone in the immediate area is something special.

I’ve mentioned it before on the blog, and for me its one the rare moments where you can just sit back and enjoy the carnage of an online FPS. Perhaps I’m wrong, but the first time I pulled the eject lever and witnessed the ensuing 3-4 seconds of pure awesome, I was hooked. I needed that shit. Even now, after 50 or so hours of watching my Titan explode over everyone, it’s as enjoyable a moment as it ever was.

But that’s just me.

Check back tomorrow for Day 28: Favourite Game Developer


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