Day 28: Favourite Game Developer

I’m not sure I have one, a favourite game developer that is. I like an awful lot of games from an awful lot of different developers, and that makes this question rather difficult to answer. You see, I’m not going to like something just because DICE puts it out. The same way that I’m not going to like something just because it’s got Thatgamecompany on the box . A better question would be: Which game developer has given you the best memories, but we don’t live in that world do we? nah.

That being said, there is one game developer above all else whose games are usually right up my alley. And that game developer is:


Before Grand Theft Auto 3 took over the world in 2001, I had no idea who Rockstar Games were, and truth be told, my 13-year-old brain didn’t much care. Fast forward 16 years, and Rockstar Games have become synonymous, at least in my eyes with Quality.

Granted, they only release a game every 5 years, but when they do you can be guaranteed that it’s A) going to be absolutely the best thing that came out that year, and B) that it’s going to sell like hot cakes.

They decide what they’re going to make, and then they do it. They’re clinical in that regard; taking years and years before they’re finally ready to either announce a game, or release it. And whilst that ultimately means they don’t release many games, it also means that when they are released to the unwashed masses, we eat that shit up. Like desperate chicks forcing their way down their bird-momma’s beaks to get to the tasty fish inside (I don’t know how Birds work)

As I’ve said before, I don’t love a game because it’s made by a certain company, but in the 25 or so years I’ve been playing games, Rockstar Games  have barely put a foot wrong. And that’s why I consider them my favourite game developer.

Check back tomorrow for Day 29: A Game I Thought I Wouldn’t Like, but Ended Up Loving.




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