Day 29: A Game You Thought You’d Hate, but Ended Up Loving.

Today’s post shouldn’t take all that long. In fact when I was looking ahead, this was one of the posts I knew my answer too before I started writing.

The game I thought I’d hate but ended up loving is:


Overwatch shouldn’t be a surprise to those of you who have been paying attention. In the time since it’s release just over a year ago,  I’ve put almost 200 hours into the game. I’ve worn a controller’s analogue stick out and I’ve spent more money than my partner would like on loot boxes in a desperate attempt to make my empty life feel meaningful once again.

Before release however, I had no interest in Overwatch. Hell, I barely even knew what the game was. Even during the games very public beta, I had little to no interest in the game, instead I spent my time continuing to wish my hockey team didn’t suck and that I could be more like 90’s pop icon Ricky Martin (it was a stage).

Overwatch gets some very important things right. The focus on success rather than failure is first and foremost the reason I continue to play the game all these months on. I never feel like I’m being shown up. Even when I have a bad game, no one else has to know. And for someone who really gets anxious about ruining others fun, that’s massive.

I’ve cooled on the game (I think loot boxes are losing me) in recent months, but I know that eventually I’ll have that Overwatch itch, and when I do, I’ll be more than happy to jump back into one of my favourite games ever.

Overwatch and Out (barf).

Check back tomorrow for Day 30: My Favourite Game


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