Day 30: My Favourite Game

We did it. Day 30. The final day of this awful celebration of bad opinions and terrible writing. In today’s post, I’m asked to both work out what my ‘FAVOURITE GAME EVER!’ is and then to explain to you why I love it so much.

There’s no point in beating around the bush, let’s get to it. My Favourite Game is:

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I’ve always played games, but during my teenage years there was a very long time where I only played one game. Football Manager. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Football Manager series is a spreadsheet based management simulator where you take control of an authentic football team from anywhere in the world, and aim to make them successful. Both on and off the pitch. The series is known for its depth and accuracy, as well as it’s incredibly addictive core game. It’s a series that’s literally built on numbers and grafts. There’s no flash graphics, no QTE’s and no cut-scenes. It’s you, your mouse and numbers, lots and los of numbers. And it’s the most engaging game I’ve ever played.

As a teenager, I played more Football Manager than anything I’ve played before, or since. Game tracking wasn’t a thing in 2005, but if it had been, I’d easily have sunk a few thousand hours into the series from 2004 to 2011 (I was playing its predecessor – Championship Manager before 2004).

Away from the game, I spent years interacting with fellow FM players online; discussing tactics, potential player transactions and learning how to become better at the game we all loved. I grew up with those people; those friends. And even today I’m still in touch with them, some 14 years after we initially started talking.

On a smaller scale, I distinctly remember me and my two brothers spending hours upon hours playing the game in three separate rooms in the same house, calling each other in when something significant was about to happen. Arguing about who was the better manager and just why my youngest brothers love of  Tevfik Köse was unfounded.

In short. The Football Manager series isn’t one that I grew up playing, it’s one that I grew up with. It’s a series that will forever be close my heart, and one that I’ll forever miss for both its addictive gameplay and what it gave me as a lonely teenager with nothing better to do.

Yeah. I fucking love this series.


Meta: I’d like to take a brief moment to thank you for sticking with me on this admittedly rather long road. I’ve certainly had a good time writing over the last 30 days, although I’d be lying if I said it didn’t present difficulties. Turns out writing consistently isn’t easy. It’s tiring and stress inducing. And takes me away from other things, like actually playing games.

So from one blogger to another. Thank You.



You’re still here? It’s over. Go home. Go.




2 thoughts on “Day 30: My Favourite Game

  1. I played Champ Man 4 a lot at uni but started to come off the series over the years that followed. I dipped back into FM’13 but the magic had gone for me! Whilst it lasts though, it’s the most addictive game going!


    1. They do an Ice Hockey version which isn’t nearly as deep or as polished. I think I’ll likely throw myself back into that as it very much my favourite sport now a days.

      Work definitely takes a toll though. Man I miss having 12 hours a day to do whatever I wanted with.

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