My Month in Games: June 2017

My Month in Games is exactly what you think it is. A monthly look back at the games I’ve played that month and what I think of them. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Switch


A month after I originally loaded it up, and I’m still playing  through the Switch’s first must-own game. 60 hours deep at this point and whilst I think I can see the finish line, I’m not sure I really want it to end.

Small Radios Big Televisions – PC


I’ll be honest, I finished this game bang on a month ago, and I’ve forgotten much of what I enjoyed about it. The one thing I do remember however, is that it didn’t live up to the admittedly rather lofty expectations that I’d placed on it myself.

I don’t know. It’s short, and it doesn’t ask to much of the player. Also the final 2-3 minutes is trippy as hell and goes full Kubrick in ways you rarely see games do.

Little Nightmares – PS4


I went into Little Nightmares expecting a sort of Limbo/Inside styled platformer with some light puzzle solving and an interesting core theme. And I think Little Nightmares delivers on that. To a certain degree.

I found the game’s lack of a working checkpoint system to be utterly frustrating, and without a doubt it’s clouded my overall opinion of the game, but that opinion is still positive. It doesn’t hit the highs of Inside or Limbo, but it’s certainly worth seeing. Not least for the final 10 minutes which I do think are sublimely well done.

A Normal Lost Phone – PC


Similarly to Small Radios Big Televisions, this is a game I played way back at the start of July. Unlike Small Radios, it did leave an impression on me. And that impression is one of…gratitude?

I’m really pleased I played this game. Whilst I agreed with most of the games politics from the outset, I found myself learning about those core ideas and perhaps understanding them even more, and as a human being, I think that’s fantastic.

It’s super short (1-2 hours at absolutely most), it’s super cheap and I think you might leave the game a better person. And I’m not sure we can ask more than that from a video game.


3 thoughts on “My Month in Games: June 2017

  1. I quite liked Small Radios Big Televisions. It reminded me of those old Flash puzzle games but really well polished. I had no idea what was going on, but I loved the idea of the worlds you visited through the tapes becoming increasingly screwed up as you exposed the tapes to magnetic fields.
    I suppose I have a bit of a soft spot for walking simulators these days.


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