Twenty17 So Far: My Favourite Games

Fun fact. Did you know there are only 21 more weeks until Christmas? Amazing. Before you know it we’ll be eating minced pies and sitting our children on the lap of some fat bearded bloke in a red suit.

However, we’re not quiet ready to crack open the mulled wine just yet. And as a video game blogger, it’s of the upmost import that ‘offer’ my opinion on the years best releases to you.


Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170313213539

Horizon Zero Dawn – PS4

The first open world game on my list, and what a game it is. Beautiful, exciting and unique; Horizon should be the years run away winner for GOTY. Unfortunately for Horizon, Zelda happened. And whilst the two games are both incredibly, Horizon is likely to fall victim to the Switch success story.

I loved Horizon. I loved fighting mechanical dinosaurs. I loved the setting, I adored the lead character and I desperately want more from this franchise in the future. Horizon is likely one of the best games released this year. And in any other year it’d be the defacto GOTY winner. Unfortunately for it…


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Switch

…Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is for me at least how game developers should look to carry the open world game forward. It doesn’t hold your hand. It doesn’t push you in one particular direction and most importantly, it allows the player to find his or her own way. And from an Open World game, do you really want anything else?

I’m not really the ‘Zelda’ guy. But Breath of the Wild is a truly special game that absorbed any and all of my free time for the best part of a month. It’s a game that grabs you and refuses to let go. No gimmicks, no bullshit. Just good old-fashioned gameplay.


What Remains of Edith Finch – PC/ PS4/XBOX

A real late addition to the list. Edith Finch was a game I’d been waiting for the right time to play. And that time was last week. I found an evening to sit down and experience this wonderfully heartfelt game about loss, family and love. And whilst certain moments are emotionally devastating, the game is also capable of laughing at its protagonists misfortune.

It’s a unique take on the walking simulator that I recommend anyone who might be reading this blog give a look. It’s not perfect, but in a world full of shooters and science fiction. It’s a welcome breather.


Player Unknowns Battleground’s – PC

Technically PUBG isn’t released yet. Given that it’s still in Early Access it shouldn’t qualify for this list. However it’d be really disingenuous for me not to include my favourite game of the year on here.

Yup the game where 100 naked people fall out of a plane and fight to the death to earn a chicken dinner is my favourite game of the year so far. By some distance.


Stories Untold – PC

It wouldn’t be a Dan Holt list if I didn’t include a game no one had heard of, and this time that game is Stories Untold. Which, for those of you who aren’t in the cool indie game club like myself, is a unique combination of old school adventure game and new school puzzle game.

It’s eerie and frightening in equal measure. It’s got some of the most beautiful looking desk recreations I’ve ever seen and the game’s opening credits feature arguably my favourite video game music ever created. Y’all should play it.


What about you? What are your 5 favourite games released in 2017? 


7 thoughts on “Twenty17 So Far: My Favourite Games

  1. This was a strong list. Horizon and Zelda have to be the big ones for this year. They were both excellent open-world games, both with strengths and weaknesses. The others that you mentioned sounded really interesting so I’ll have a look into them and might get around to playing them eventually. My favourites list this year is as follows:

    1) Zelda
    2) Fire Emblem Echoes
    3) Horizon Zero Dawn
    4) Injustice 2
    5) Graceful Explosion Machine (favourite Indie title)

    It’s been a pretty decent year for gaming, what with the success of the Switch and it’s high standard of games. Here’s hoping 2018 will provide even more great games – Spiderman, Last of Us 2, Red Dead 2, God of War and all the others.


      1. It’s quite difficult, but a difficulty that makes you want to keep playing and improving. Easy learn, hard to master. It’s a great pick up and play type of game, especially in handheld mode. If you’re a fan of classic shooters, it’s definitely a game I’d recommend picking up.


      2. I haven’t played GoNNER, but I know it’s a rogue like game. You essentially have four worlds to beat, each one harder than the last. In the four worlds, there are several different levels to complete. Each level is split up into three parts: wave 1, 2 and 3. If you die on wave 1, you can just restart the level. If you die at any of the other waves, you have the chance to restart at that particular wave (although you score will be lost and you’ll have to gain it all back). Hopefully that makes some sense. From what I have seen of GoNNER, the shooting mechanics look largely the same and the difficulty appears to be similar. As you said, the Switch is absolutely perfect for these type of games.


  2. I like to think of Breath of the Wild as the true successor to the original Zelda. The other games were worthy follow-ups, but this game managed to capture what made the debut so captivating all those years back in a way that they largely didn’t. I remember getting the Master Sword before tackling any of the dungeons, and it was then I realized that is exactly what I do when revisiting the original. Easily one of the best games of the year.


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