My Favourite Games of 2017: Day Three

It’s that time again. When we as a collective come together to write, read and argue about our favourite games of the year. Not wanting to break from tradition, I proudly present to you, my favourite games of 2017.

Now instead of boring you with a traditional list, I thought I’d ‘spice’ it up a little by writing a post about each game. Don’t worry, this won’t take long. I’m a busy man and let’s be honest, you guys have read enough about PUBG and why Hellblade is amaze-balls on this blog already.

Super Mario Odyssey

 Switch – Nintendo



I’ve grown up playing Mario games. From the Super Nintendo through to the Switch, Mario has been a constant bringer of joy and an unwavering sign of quality. And Odyssey may well be the franchise as its very best.

Confident in its approach, it’s willing to try new things whilst offering fans of the franchise and of the larger platforming genre as a whole a huge playground in which to explore and ultimately, have a boat load of fun in.

It’s not trying to tell you an incredibly story of overcoming the odds. It’s not looking to let you experience life as someone else and it’s not asking you to be the best in a field of millions. Instead it wants you to sit back, relax and have a truly wonderful time. And if that’s what you’re after, I don’t think a game released in the last 5 years does it quite as well as this one.

Truth be told, I’m struggling to put to paper what I think of this game. It’s a Mario game; perfected. And as I’ve said in all of these posts so far, if you like video games, you owe it to yourself to play this. I’d even make the argument that it’s worth owning a Switch for.





What’s Got Me Excited: July to December

A few months ago I wrote about some of the games I was most looking forward to through the first 6 months of the year. Amazingly those 6 months have come and gone, and as such it’s time we delved deep into the recess of the video game release calendar to have a brief look at what’s getting me all hot and sweaty in the coming months. There’s no time to lose. Lets begin.


Splatoon 2 (Switch) – July 21

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about the prospect of another new game on the Switch. However Splatoon 2 looks incredibly fun in its own right. I’ve left Overwatch behind to some extent, and I think I’m ready to see what this game…is. I didn’t play Splatoon, but Splatoon 2 is primed to dominate my time through the end of the year.


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (Switch) – August 29

So I’ve been thinking about loading up XCOM 2 once again. I’ve got that deep strategic itch and I’ve got to scratch it. In my head, I want Mario + Rabbids to do just that. Wether it will or not remains to be seen, but if it’s anything like what I’ve got in my head, it’ll be a welcome break from the norm for Nintendo.


Destiny 2 (PS4, Xbox One) – September 6

I hate myself. I hate my family. And most of all, I hate my free time. Destiny 2, because who needs a social life.


NHL 18 (PS4, Xbox One ) – September 15

I skipped over NHL 17 for reasons….but with some new additions to Franchise Mode, I’m ready to spend even more of my life watching people skate around after a small black puck.


Cuphead (Xbox One, PC) – September 29

We’ve been talking about Cuphead for what feels like an eternity at this point, but finally the game’s launch is on the horizon. We’ve got a date and my wallet is primed and ready to throw money at this gorgeous looking game.


Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) – October 27

It’s a new Super Mario game. I’ll buy it. Obviously.


Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – November 17

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